Małgorzata Mrug

coaching, business training, facilitation

Business coach, trainer, business consultant, crisis consultant, assessor, facilitator, mentor.

Małgorzata graduated from the Coach Academy at the Poznań School of Banking. She is a certified ICC coach. An accredited consultant of the Process Communication Model®, Insights Discovery, Insights Navigator, Discovery Full Circle, Extended DISC and TTI Success Insights. She is a project management trainer in the TenStep™ methodology.

Małgorzata has been professionally active for 23 years, with 13 years in management positions. She draws her experience from a wide variety of industries and organizational cultures, ranging from one of the largest food corporations to a private sector SME telecommunications company.

Małgorzata specializes in issues of managerial practice, people management, psychological aspects of interpersonal relations and personal effectiveness, and negotiations. She also carries out consulting activities aimed at defining the current situation in an organization and then leading to the desired change.

She is a practitioner in the areas of managerial, HR and situational consulting, in the field of training organization and development consulting with the use of Individual Profiles PCM, Insights Discovery or Extended DISC. Parallel to training and consulting services, she conducts coaching processes within executive coaching, coaching on-the-job, life coaching and team coaching.

She supports groups in identifying and solving problems through facilitation.

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