Małgorzata Sztejter

coaching, komunikacja, zarządzanie kryzysami i konfliktami

Małgosia is a business advisor, coach and mentor. She combines her experience of over 20 years of working in international professional consulting companies (PWC, CMS) in management roles with the view of a person in an organization – dilemmas and challenges related to professional role and resulting from reconciling professional tasks with life and personal development. Her professional experience has two streams: the first related to communication, PR, marketing and business development and the second, related to strategy in HR, recruitment and development of top management and employer branding.
She is in her element in vision and strategy, communication, relationship building,but also in managing crisis and conflict situations.
She is a certified coach of Kingmakers Academy and british Academy of Executive Coaching.
In cooperation she values partnership and deep engagement, she is concrete and analytical. She is characterized by great kindness towards people whom she accompanies in their development and change. She stimulates self-reflection, helps clients see a different perspective, recognize their power and talents, verify convictions and habitual ways of acting.