Jan Brecke

executive coach, business sparing partner, business consultant

Jan has been developing people and organizations around the world for 21 years. His interests and interests have always been centered on senior executive development, helping top leaders hone their leadership and shape corporate cultures for authentic, agile, and mindful behavior. Living in Germany, Jan works in German, Japanese and English.

Jan holds a double degree in Psychology (Master of Science) and Business Administration (BA), specializes in organizational and work psychology, studied at the University of Konstanz and Tokyo International University in Japan, as well as Career Coaching at New York University. Trained by Eric Ries at „Lean Startup” to teach GE’s top management, he is MBTI certified, Hogan certified and certified coach through Co-Active Coaching with CTI.

He is also the author of How Top Talent Wants to Work and outlines 20 megatrends that will impact our work in the coming years.

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