individual coaching / executive coaching / team coaching

The coaching we offer is an effective form of development that allows you to accelerate the pace of desired changes, improve the effects of leaders’ operations and the achievement of their goals. We realize it both in individual and team relationships. Our coaches are the founders of the Polish school of coaching and their charges, accredited in the coaching federations ICF and EMCC ensuring the highest standards of work and ethics of a coach.

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workshops / trainings / facilitation / inspiration

Diagnosis and awareness of development needs is the first and important step towards business effectiveness. The second step is the selection of tools and solutions in such a way that they support the objectives of both the development participants and the sponsors. Blueamber experts support customers in creating tailored development programs and processes, as well as individual events, so that they are a profitable investment. Above all, we focus on concreteness, transfer of knowledge into practice and common experience. That is why the participants of our workshops, trainings and meetings usually come back to us with the information that it was the best use of time in their professional careers.

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AC/DC, assessor academy

How to diagnose and assess competences in the organization in order to be able to strengthen and develop them, support particularly talented people and sometimes make more or less desired personnel changes? The answer seems simple – professionally, objectively and without prejudice, transparently and with a large dose of feedback… However how to do it in practice, when business managers have so much on their minds. The answer is to entrust this task to the experts at Blueamber who provide comprehensive assessment and development centers (AC/DC) together with feedback to sponsors or to offer business or HR assessor education at the Assessor Academy.

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HR projects and programs, consulting

Business challenge? Sometimes you don’t know how to do something, because as a company you don’t have such experience or you don’t have adequate resources. And sometimes you just need to consult your idea with someone experienced. Blueamber experts are practitioners who, after many years of working in business, use their best experiences for various organizations and advise and create adequate solutions, among others:

  • employer branding strategies and implementations (EVP&EB)
  • effectiveness audits of HR processes and effectiveness indicators
  • periodic employee assessment systems (SOOP)
  • designing structures and scopes of responsibility

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