Anna Godlewska

coaching, komunikacja, efektywność osobista i zespołowa

Coach. Trainer. Consultant. An expert in building effective teams, developing managerial skills and enhancing communication within an organization. Business practitioner who can transform knowledge and skills into effective actions. Initiator of changes and proactive approach in action.
Anna is distinguished by her positive energy, business experience, flexible adjustment to different personalities and cohesion in action.
For many years she has been helping companies to grow, with full engagement and satisfaction of their employees, and also to achieve their goals and be prepared for the challenges of constantly changing business environment. It strengthens teams in building their effectiveness and effective cooperation, by increasing trust and openness. She brings organization and a plan to the lives of companies.
Graduate of the MATRIK Coach Management School according to NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) methodology, “The Art & Science of Coaching” at Erickson College International.
She bases her work on trust, respect and full confidentiality. She is a person full of enthusiasm and engagement, who enthuse her surroundings with positive energy and opens new perspectives of activity.